for sale

dear friends,

this post is mostly just so i can list stuff on the effortless anthropologie trademarket
but a) hope you are all well and b) you can buy this stuff even if you are my friend.

thing 1:

adorable NWT Rachel Riley belted 50s style pink flamingo dress. Euro size 42 (U.S. size 10). Retailed for $300 plus at Rachel Riley purchased on sale for $150. Planned to wear to a wedding but ended up wearing something even more fabulous instead (hard to imagine, I know!). Asking $100 shipped.

thing 2:

Lovely Coast (a UK/Ireland chain that sometimes gets sold at Bloomingdales) dress. Unique colour. I call it portabello mushroom but it is a little more brown than that. Beaded neckline, dramatic back. It is a UK size 14 (rougly US 10).

Here is what it looks like from the back:

I purchased this in Dublin two years ago and wore it to two great weddings. I have mentally blocked how much I paid for it. But, since the first wedding was my best friends' it was a bit. I can part with it for $75 shipped.

thing 3

Very adorable wool sweater from Avoca (Dublin). Marked size 4 but I think this is Avoca house sizing. It fits like a medium/large. I can email you a close up of the print if you like and it is yours for $30 shipped.

thing 4

Fuchsia Ann Taylor sweater. Size M. Elbow length sleeves. Yours for $15 shipped.

Open to negotiations/trades with those short on cash but with genuine desire to provide a good home for this adorableness.

camacgregor at gmail dot com




dear friends,

if this works, you can watch my entire "february obsessions" youtube playlists. this playlist has been brought to you by many things but especially the letter j (as in our computer guy who i do not want to ask to install itunes on my work desktop) and by a faculty member who has asked my advice linking his favourite artist to the writings of my advisor and work substantively related to my dissertation for his class on the sociology of said artist. i fear the power of google, so i shall not say more.





dear friends,

i am pleased to report that without further contact from me the gilt girls decided to offer me a $50 credit.

all hail gilt! now if only this was part of the jenny han sale on monday.

if my career producing jr. marxists doesn't take off i am going to become the ralph nader of handbags.



gilt= jilt not guilt

dear friends (or perhaps the PR firm in charge of gilt that wisely set up a blog alert),

gilt groupe has fallen from grace. in my view, it was once upon a time the fairest sample sale site of them all. the best brands. the best price points. the easiest to use and most elegant website. it was a regular part of my day from 12:00 to 12:05 (ok, sometimes 12:15).

today, however, i have been beirned (pronounced burned) or gilted (pronounced jilted) if you will. yesterday i ordered the amazing purple snakeskin beirn shopper. in the same vein as "eat food. not too much. mostly plants" i believe strongly in "buy things you need. not poor quality. mostly awesome." a beirn is a luxury good. but, it would last forever and my awesome sociology deserves to be toted around in something fabulous no matter what my stipend check says. [and actually, i was going to use some of my "still consulting on that book forthcoming on simon and schuster in 2010" funds and what seemingly belongs together more than consultancy and snakeskin? ha! no offense consultantfriends]

anyway, back to my greivance. i ordered the beirn shopper [pictured, right] yesterday. i was elated to see that it had shipped so quickly. unfortunately when i picked it up in the mailroom on my way back from playing professor this evening i discovered i was sent the beirn hobo [pictured, left]. i am not mary kate olsen. i do not carry a hobo. i am a professional with a tablet. a tablet that i nearly decided to put to use moments ago drawing a microsoft paint version of myself crying over this incident. you see, the real issue is not so much the error in what i recieved... it is the fallout. i contacted customer service to explain the problem. that is when i learned the bag i had initially ordered 7 minutes after it went on sale was sold out. i mean, obviously... IT IS AWESOME. i wanted that bag more than i want paul rudd's babies.

mistakes happen. but, mistakes are more consequential when you deal in short term sales of limited quantities. to gilt's credit i was offered a refund that would be credited to the initial form of payment (all too often on sample sale sites you end up with a store credit that lingers for ages). and, i have been put on the top of the waitlist. to gilt's discredit they fail to match their peer's level of customer service. hautelook routinely gives bonus credits of $25 WHEN THEY HAVE MADE AN ERROR. i recieved such a credit when they had to subsitute one nearly identical pair of joe's for another. i got basically what i wanted plus a credit and i legitimately felt they were sorry for the error. that's why they are now the best sale site in my mind.

gilt generously offered free ground shipping. eyeroll. i get that at plebian amazon.com. isn't this an "elite" site? further inspection of my account reveals even this "generous" offer expires in a month. dudettes at gilt, it is going to take me more than a month to get over this rage. matching or surpassing industry standards might have kept me loyal. complimentary gilt noire status is probably too much. getting my bag is likely impossible. but, a merchandise credit that is a tiny fraction of the value of the purchase--can I get a YOU MADE A GIANT ERROR FIST PUMP?

barring adorable kate spade clothing being marked down 90% i believe this will be the start of a boycott.

spread the word friends.

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congrats yvo!

dear friends,

the winner of the giveaway is yvonne!

thanks for dropping by,


giving it away!

dear friends,

many of you know how much i adore going to the mailbox. love letters (mailing address for those available upon request) and boxes from gilt groupe warm my heart. what also warms my heart is the possibility of sending YOU some mail via csn stores (all 200 of them). they have offered to furnish the winner of this truthfullytruthfully giveaway contest with one of the following things i picked out today (instead of working on the dissertation or learning the rules of state of the union bingo).

behind door #1

a le creuset 9" baker in kiwi. --likely to be a contributing factor to continued le cruset collecting and increased brownie consumption. (and they will ship to canada my compatriots!)

behind door #2

the thomas paul tree tote in black. some of his pillows are darling as well.

and finally, behind door #3

a charming little fauna penguin cushion. i would be proud to put him on my couch!

to enter this fabulous contest just leave your name and email in the comments (and let me know which prize you'd prefer) before february 1st. i will use a random number generator to choose a winner.

keeping the capital in social capital,




99% of the time i love my work, the other 1% of the time i sing my dissertation this song

dear friends,

i do not write here anymore because i am writing a dissertation.

i hope to re-emerge in 6-8 months with my social skills intact,